ICU Bed Series

Effective caregiving and early rehabilitation in the ICU are important towards a patient's early recovery. 

Psychiatric Bed

Each segment of the mattress base has holes for restraint belts

Bassinet Cart

PB-1000 Series

Transfer Strecher

Proper procedure needs to be exercised to safely transfer the patient from the stretcher to the bed.

Electric Bed Series

The road to recovery is often a critical and sensitive experience.
Both patient and medical personnel will 

Electric Delivery Bed

Nothing brings more joy to a family than the birth of a child. The new parents are filled with anticipation and excitement

Pediatric Bed

PB-2000 Series

KM-3 Series

Exceptional Performance for Improved Efficiency.

Manual Bed Series

Safer Recovery for Peace of Mind

Manual Delivery Bed

A high capacity 11L fluid basin facilitates the easy collection of birth fluids. It features good side grips so it can be carried with ease.

Emergency Strecher

The typical scene in an Emergency Room (ER) is one of urgency, where every second is critical towards 

KM-5/4 Series

Saving Lives Can Become Your Top Priority.