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ICU Bed Series

Effective caregiving and early rehabilitation in the ICU are important towards a patient's early recovery. 


Psychiatric Bed

Each segment of the mattress base has holes for restraint belts


Bassinet Cart

PB-1000 Series


Transfer Strecher

Proper procedure needs to be exercised to safely transfer the patient from the stretcher to the bed.


Electric Bed Series

The road to recovery is often a critical and sensitive experience.
Both patient and medical personnel will 


Electric Delivery Bed

Nothing brings more joy to a family than the birth of a child. The new parents are filled with anticipation and excitement


Pediatric Bed

PB-2000 Series

KM-3# series.jpg

KM-3 Series

Exceptional Performance for Improved Efficiency.


Manual Bed Series

Safer Recovery for Peace of Mind


Manual Delivery Bed

A high capacity 11L fluid basin facilitates the easy collection of birth fluids. It features good side grips so it can be carried with ease.

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Emergency Strecher

The typical scene in an Emergency Room (ER) is one of urgency, where every second is critical towards 


KM-5/4 Series

Saving Lives Can Become Your Top Priority.