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Blood Gas System

The Siemens Healthineers critical care portfolio delivers solutions that transform care delivery by offering the right test in the right place at the right time. You need lab-quality testing solutions in every care setting, our portfolio enables increased efficiency and shorter time to diagnosis.

RAPIDPoint 500
  • Full test menu results from a single sample in approximately 60 seconds

  • Easy-to-use, maintenance-free cartridge-based system is ideal for non-laboratory personnel

  • Proven technologies and design features help to maximize analyzer uptime and simplify compliance

  • Speed and flexibility to increase productivity without increasing staff workload

  • Seamless LIS/HIS integration with optional connectivity to the RAPIDComm® Data Management System

  • Increase productivity and operator efficiency in the low-volume laboratory

  • Fast, accurate results support critical treatment decisions

  • Ensure data integrity and increase workflow efficiency

  • Easy-to-use with fast access to sensors, reagents, and waste

  • Affordable, on-demand performance from a compact design

  • Flexible data review, reporting and storage

  • Increase efficiency with the RAPIDComm Data Management System

RAPIDChem 744/754
  • Simple, Efficient Operation

  • Versatile Sampling Options

  • Biosafe Operation

  • Convenient Data Management and System Connectivity

  • Reliable Technology

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