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Our innovative portfolio of mammography systems and reading solutions provides the highest depth resolution diagnostic accuracy and enables personalized breast care – from screening to diagnostics to follow-up.


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Mammomat Fusion

MAMMOMAT Fusion is a premium mammography system made to enhance everyday screening and diagnostics. The refined, automated workflow performs complex tasks at the click of a button. With its remarkably robust detector, low operating costs, and high patient throughput, it helps you get your money’s worth.

Siemens Healthineers’ MAMMOMAT Fusion digital mammography system is designed to support you in your routine work with high efficiency. Discover how premium mammography technology can significantly improve your everyday screening and diagnostics.


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Mammomat Revelation

In breast care, seeing the difference can make the difference in a woman’s life. Reveal all that matters with MAMMOMAT Revelation. Achieve the highest depth resolution with the unique 50° HD Breast Tomosynthesis. Leverage precision patient care with Insight BD direct breast density measurement, which allows instant risk stratification – before the patient leaves. And with our Personalized Soft Compression you can address your patient's concerns about discomfort in a unique way.

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