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Stationary X-Ray

For your first steps into the digital world of radiography or to expand your current digital environment, we have the portfolio of advanced digital x-ray equipment to offer you the right system. DR systems from Siemens fulfill your clinical needs whilst meeting your economical demands.


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  • 1 Detector

  • 2 Detector

MULTIX Impact is a high-end, floor-mounted radiography system that comes at an economical price and improves access to care. Its welcoming design and user-friendly digital imaging capabilities help you produce excellent images in a more personal way and make a positive impression on everyone involved.


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Radiography is still the most commonly used imaging procedure worldwide. Every clinical institution has to offer it. But how can you further streamline workflow and increase your revenue? Our high-end digital X-ray machine Ysio Max offers unique automation that makes sense: for example, direct system autopositioning, responding only to the touch of a human hand, and automatic detector identification. Thus it helps speed up examinations, increase precision and safety, and introduce a high level of standardization.

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