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Mobile C-arm

Siemens' mobile C-arms set new benchmarks and greatly contribute to excellent precision in the OR – from image quality to operability, from versatility to efficiency.


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Cios Spin

Conventional 2D imaging may not always provide enough information to safeguard correct placement of screws and implants. Intraoperative 3D imaging can therefore be an important factor in improving surgical outcomes.

To provide 3D capabilities that can be seamlessly integrated into clinical routine, we developed Cios Spin®: a mobile 2D and 3D C-arm for intraoperative quality control. Easy to integrate into your surgical routine, it features dedicated 3D technologies that allow you to confirm your planned results.


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Cios Select

As the pressures on healthcare providers increase worldwide, doing more with less has become an all-too-familiar requirement. No wonder that a growing number of surgeons is asking for more powerful routine imaging systems.

This is why we’ve equipped Cios Select with proven, high-quality image intensifier technology, enhanced by IDEAL dose management, a wireless footswitch, and advanced cyber security. The result is a system that delivers excellent images, easy handling, and high system availability.


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Cios Flow

A good workflow is half the job, since interruptions can negatively impact both patient safety and OR efficiency.1 And other, invisible disruptions are on the rise: cyber attackers are taking advantage of security gaps to access patient data and compromise vulnerable healthcare systems.

Unprotected digital systems can serve as entry points for cyber attacks. Today, 83% of medical imaging devices run on unsupported operating systems.1 With Cios Flow, advanced cybersecurity is on board. This helps decrease your hospital’s risk of being hacked, ensure that personal data is secure, and safeguard your finances and reputation.

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