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Locomotion Therapy

In neurological rehabilitation it is important for the patient to start exercising as early as possible.


Therefore an individual and optimal un-weighting system is crucial for the patient. The h/p/cosmos airwalk un-weighting system supports a natural gait pattern.


The single-point suspension allows dynamic up and down movement when walking and at the same time allows freedom in movement and body rotations where wanted.


Additional fixation straps for further stabilization may be utilized if desired and if recommended for the patient.


The un-weighting, depending on the progress of therapy, can be adjusted electronically between 1 kg and 75 kg (2.2 and 165 lbs). The treadmill itself starts at 0.1 km/h speed and is driven by a very powerful 3.3 kW (4.5 HP) drive motor. Even heavy patients at low speeds can exercise smoothly without juddering.


The remote control for electronically re-adjustment of un-weighting has magnet holder and can be positioned on either side for the seated therapists. This is really important during therapy! With the h/p/cosmos system therapists can perform frequently required re-adjustments of parameters from seating position.

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