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Every patient needs personalized care! With Luna EMG’s exchangeable extensions and Stella BIO's telemedicine technology, you will be able to provide the best care possible in various settings! Explore the possibilities.

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Luna EMG

  • Self-initiated repetitive arm and hand therapy in an extensive workspace. For upper and lower exercises.

  • Active, active-assistive and passive patient. Uses reactive electromyography to train sensorimotor cortex.

  • The patient’s movement is active - based on bioelectrical signals (EMG) acquired from the patient’s muscles.

  • Less manual labour documentation on the go

Luna EMG Introductionary video​

Stella BIO

  • Active work with the patient to improve function using EMG biofeedback

  • Conducting functional electrostimulation treatments triggered by the patient's own activity (EMG-triggered FES)

  • Conducting electrostimulation treatments using NMES and TENS currents - improvement of muscle strength and analgesic effect

  • Using EMG biofeedback and electrostimulation in combination with internal electrodes - rehabilitation in urinary and fecal incontinence

  • Assessment of rehabilitation progress and generation of reports

Stella BIO Introductionary video​

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