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Every patient needs personalized care! With Luna EMG’s exchangeable extensions you will be able to provide the best care possible in various settings!


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Luna EMG

Self-initiated repetitive arm and hand therapy in an extensive workspace. For upper and lower exercises. Active, active-assistive and passive patient. Uses reactive electromyography to train sensorimotor cortex.

Active training for clinically weak patients

Luna EMG uses reactive electromyography to train the sensorimotor cortex. The patient’s movement is active - based on bioelectrical signals (EMG) acquired from the patient’s muscles. It is especially effective with clinical weakness patients, allowing more motor unit recruitment during muscle activation.

Less manual labour


Less manual labour
Documentation on the go

Thanks to Luna’s personalized and automatic training programs, your patients are engaged, and you do less physical labour.  With training reports created on the go you can focus on your patient’s recovery instead of working manually.


Up to 4x more revenue
Expand your market

Luna automates the therapy at your clinic. Bundle up to 4 units and allow a single therapist to work with 4 patients at the same time! Luna also expands your market allowing the treatment and diagnosis of severe neurological patients.

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