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Cyclomedica is a company in the diagnostic imaging field specialising in lung health. We achieve this positioning through our proprietary medical device and pharmaceutical products under the name of Technegas™ which has become the industry gold-standard in diagnostic functional lung imaging technology.


TechnegasPLUS Generator

TechnegasPLUS generator is a dispersion of nanosized (average size 30-60nm) pure carbon platelets of hexagonal shape fully encapsulating Technetium metal crystals. V/Q SPECT with Technegas™ has 27 to 36 times less radiation dose to the patient breast as compared with CTPA.  

How Technegas Works

Benefits of Technegas

  • Accurate diagnosis

  • 3D images

  • Low radiation burden to patients

  • Quick and simple

  • minimal exclusion criteria

  • Non-invasive 

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