T-Care Plus
  • 4 working frequencies: 420-500-720-1000Khz

  • Arrangement for automatic "hand free" treatments

  • Arrangement for physioaesthetic treatments with bipolar handpieces

  • Measurement and indication of the energy transferred to the tissues (J)

  • Display of resistance index

  • Continuous and pulsed emission

  • Continuously adjustable power up to 300W

  • High resolution 7 "color touchscreen display

  • Power adjustment knob

  • Handpieces with emission indicator light

  • Electrodes with safety protection

  • Type BF applied part for the absolute safety of the patient and the operator

  • Wide range of accessories

  • Carrying bag

T-Care Compact
  • Working frequency: 500 kHz

  • Power adjustable up to 200W-250VA

  • Continuous energy emission

  • Selectable treatment duration and energy output

  • Energy transfer measurements and display (J)

  • Electrode kit for fixed automatic applications

  • Transport Bag

Cryo T
  • Cryotherapy with Peltier effect

  • Continuous control temperature between +2°/+10°

  • Treatments with high thermal conductivity

  • CryoT associable with lasertherapy

  • Handpiece applicator with two special metal plates kept at opposite temperatures (cold side-blue, hot side-red)

  • Patented technical solutions for rapid transition between warm and cold phases

  • Continuous temperature monitoring during each treatment

  • High-energy exchange at tissue level thanks to the high heat conductivity of the metal and to the heat “pumping” activated by means of a solid state heat pump (Peltier effect)

  • Microprocessor controlled and touch screen control panel; manual settings or direct access to preset application modes

  • Low weights and easy transportation