• Cardovascular Stabilization

  • Reduced Time in Acute Care

  • Improved Orthostatic Tolerance Using The Erigo Fes

  • Excellent Clinical Usability

  • Increased Patient Awareness

  • Increased Patient Awareness

Lokomat Pro
  • Effective Gait Training

  • Most Physiological Gait

  • Optimal Patient Challenge

  • Increased Efficiency

  • State-of-the-art Gait Rehabilitation

Armeo Power
  • Assist-as-needed Movement Guidance

  • Objective Assessements

  • Arm Weight Support in An Extensive 3D Workspace

  • Motivating Exercises

  • Part of Modular Therapy Concept

  • Increased Therapy Efficiency

  • Hand function training (optional)

  • Increased Therapy Efficiency

  • Ergonomic Exoskeleton

  • Stimultaneous Arm and Hand Therapy In a 3D Workspace

  • Objective Assessments

  • Motivating Exercises

  • Part of A Modular Therapy Concept

  • Active Patient Following : Self-Directed Gait

  • Safe and Efficient Therapy

  • Intensive and Versatile Overground Gait Therapy

  • Upright and Hands-Free Gait

  • Flexible Use From Room to Room