KM-3 Series

Saving Lives Can Become Your Top Priority.
The operating room is the front line for saving lives. With the KM-50 and 40 series designed for safety and work efficiency, operating teams can perform to the best of their abilities. Paramount Bed proposes safe and comfortable environments, which allow all medical personnel to focus on surgery.


Operating Table Height at 520mm

Our operating table has a low height of 520mm*, even with the cassette tunnel built in. This is effective for microsurgery, laparoscopic surgery and neurosurgical operations, which are performed by seated surgeon. In addition, patients can safely mount themselves onto the operating table before surgery.


Operating Controls

The double-action system includes a handheld controller that can be safely operated. Press the power button, then select an operation button. The power button automatically deactivates after 10 seconds to prevent accidental pressing by medical personnel. If the handheld controller stops working, the built-in main controller can be used instead.



The table top can be extended 200mm from the head end and 300mm from the foot end. The head, base and foot section can be swapped easily, enabling a wider range of imaging and supporting all kinds of fluoroscopic surgery. The C-arm can easily be used in urological surgery simply by flipping the head plate and the foot plate. Slide the operating table to the foot side in order to carry this out. During an operation procedure, doctors might be required to insert a catheter. A thorough X-ray of the patient’s urethra may be conducted, and the C-arm feature addresses this flawlessly as it allows X-rays to be captured easily.


Easy X-ray Imaging

A cassette tunnel for the tray is a standard feature. The cassette can be inserted from the head end or the foot end. The insertion position can be selected to match the imaged area or the patient’s pose, to avoid impeding efficient work. The bottom surface is a Bakelite panel, which has a higher transmission rate than acrylic panels, allowing clearer imaging.