Fuji X Sonosite.jpg
  • Constantly evolves to meet your needs

  • Customize the touchscreen to suit your unique workflow

  • Improve decision-making with better image visualization

  • Learn new scanning techniques with onboard tutorials

  • Designed for portability and easy servicing

  • Visualization, clearly enhanced

  • Taking durability to the armored level

  • Ultrasound for Clarity and Confidence

  • Fast machine boot-up time

  • Clarity of ultrasound image

  • New patented transducer technology

  • Armored transducer cables

  • Simplified ultrasound controls, interface, and presets

  • Portable ultrasound machine with a small footprint

  • Versatile, flexible, and efficient ultrasound exams

  • Award-winning design

  • Premium image quality

  • Drop tested at 3 feet/91.4 cm

  • Splash resistant user interface

  • Quick boot-up time

  • Easy to operate

  • Battery-powered and wireless capabilities for true mobility

  • Magnesium case for lightweight strength

  • Backlit keyboard is easier on the eyes